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Owning a vehicle does not only give you the credit of making the roads alive. In addition, you are among those millions of people that are credited, in an opposite way, to the worsening situation of the environment.

You cannot run away from this blame, not unless your vehicle is not fuel-dependent anymore. If it is still, there is still a way to escape from this. It is just simple. You just have to ensure that you have efficient gas cans with you, in case that you are using a portable fuel container.

Simple as it may seem, the gas cans could really help in reducing the pollution, particularly the smog-forming pollution. Though the amount of air emissions contributed by a single gas can is remarkably small, the total number of these containers that are used worldwide makes them a recognized contributor of pollution.

Instances happening in these containers like the vapors that escape in plastic-made gas cans, fumes that flee during the dispensing of fuel, spillage of fuel, and evaporating fuels through secondary vent holes or inefficiently capped spouts contribute pollutants to the environment. As the gas cans’ significance is greatly recognized, it could not be just trashed out of the system just because of this fact. With that, one great solution is to start using efficient and new ones.

The newly designed environmental gas cans have an automatic shut-off feature, made intentionally to prevent overfilling—a recognized pollutant source. They also have spouts that close automatically, thus preventing vapor leaks. Eliminated from the old design are the secondary venting holes so that there would be no more openings that will allow the discharge of fumes.

With these innovations in the gas cans, when their use becomes widespread, there will be an estimated 73 percent reduction in emissions by the year 2013. As of 2003, the gas cans are responsible for the 70 tons per day of smog-forming pollution. Comparing this to what the newly designed gas cans could achieve makes a lot of sense.

With this, the use of these gas cans is encouraged. Surely, you would be glad about the idea of being an environment-friendly vehicle owner. There is nothing wrong in owning a vehicle. You just have to know more about your responsibilities to the environment.