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We all know that when we purchased a heavy-duty vehicle, whether a Chevy, Dodge, Ford or GMC, it is because we need it for a certain reason. One of the best reasons, why is your need for a power. These powerful machines usually offer the towing/hauling capacity and torque that we need.

These types of vehicle are what we have in mind if we have to load things and haul them up to another location. Usually, we can think of using a trailer for hauling things, but still our heavy-duty trucks are very handy for loading and hauling most other things.

However, remember that every time you haul a load in your truck bed, it could cause potential damage to your vehicle. One of the places where your truck may become damaged because of loading and hauling is the rear glass. Many truck owners can give countless of stories regarding loads that has come loose and are coming through this rear glass. The results of such things can become very damaging and disastrous. The risks could cover everything from replacing damaged glass, auto or road accidents and cases of personal injury.

It is important that you protect yourself and your truck from any potential damager or danger. One of the best methods is to use truck headache racks. Headache racks are used as barriers between your load and your rear glass. These protection accessories come in several various construction types, materials and forms. You would not have to worry about having loose loads that would break your precious vehicle’s rear window.

There are three types of headache rack that are each uniquely designed to make your track look great and protect it too.

1. Commercial grades – these come in thick steel components and has a powder-coated finish in order to prevent damage to the entire structure and rust. They also offer some louvered horizontal slats, which not only protects your window but also helps in shading your cab’s interior. Furthermore, this also offers your truck upright posts for additional cargo-carrying capacity for lumber, pipes, ladders and anything else you have to secure.

2. Stainless Steel – consumers who want to protect their truck while standing out from all other vehicles opt for this style. This kind of headache racks comes in tubular steel that is highly polished, offering protection plus a rugged look that will last for years. These are available in several diameter ranges and construction configurations. It can also accommodate light bar applications, in-bed toolboxes and other modified trucks.

3. Painted – if you want only the protection offered by these devices and not the look of iron or flat steel or shine of chrome, painted headache racks are your option. Usually, this style has paint, which is UV resistant, guaranteed to last for years without losing their shine.