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Rancho’s experts on off-road suspension have introduced the first of its kind suspension system in the industry that is intended for use in the vehicle, Hummer H3. This great production is considered as an outstanding technology which allows the owners of Hummer H3 to rival the off-road capabilities of the Hummer H2 models that are also Rancho-equipped.

The new package is evolutionary since it allows the customers to an upgrade of 37-inch tires. There is also an exclusive feature called the Rancho/Realift. This is a state-of-the-art torsion bar relocation technology. This technology reduces the requirement of relocating the factory torsion bar cross member. As such the need for cutting and welding is done away with.

The esteemed engineers of Rancho also cleverly developed a cross member design consisting of two pieces which allows the precise relocation of the installer to differential. This ensures an optimal zero-bump steer and secures suspension geometry without it needing to be removed from your automobile.

Rancho also packaged the cross member ultra-precisely and helps the vehicle to maintain maximum clearance of the ground. Once combined with the technologies being offered by the Rancho/Realift, the departure and approach angles are substantially improved. Each lift kit also includes the Hummer-inspired skid plate armor of Rancho that offers protection for the vehicle’s front differential.

Here is a listing of this new Hummer Lift Kit for H3 by Rancho:

- Two-piece cross member – easy installation and maximum ground clearance
- Differential skid plate armor that is Hummer-inspired
- Front differential drop brackets – ensures the correctness of the pinion angle and minimizes the vibration of driveline
- Maintenance of factory location of pinion and rack
- Well-preserved OE geometry for simple alignment, optimal handling and ride, and zero bump steer.
- High-clearance aft braces – maximizes the ground clearance and provides additional strength.
- No exhaust or drivetrain modification required
- New rear low friction competition leaf spring packs
- Can hold up to 20-inch wheels
- Can hold a tire of up to 37- inch tall.
- Rancho/Realift technology – no torsion bar relocation for improved ground clearance.
- CNC-machined cast ductile iron steeling knuckles that has the industry’s highest quality design
- Allow the reuse of OE front skid plate.