4 Wheel Info Wiki

Going off-road with your 4x4? Make sure that it is ready and capable of off-road travel. Remember, unexpected things happen on the road. So, before you hit the road, make sure that your 4x4 vehicle is in good shape. After all, you don’t want to get stranded helpless on the road, right? Then, better take note of these helpful off-road traveling tips.

First off, do a visual inspection of your car inside and out. Make sure that all the 4x4 auto parts are up for the tough drive. Which parts are these? These are the brakes, battery, axles, cooling system, driveline, engine, exhaust, suspension, lights, and of course, the car’s body or frame. Check that no unusual noise comes from these parts whenever you drive your car.

Second, don’t forget to put the tools you’ll need on the road in your toolbox. If ever something breaks while on the road, you’ll easily repair, replace, or reassemble them. But don’t overdo it. Just bring the necessary tools. Remember your goal is to enjoy a challenging off-road drive, not to drive a heavy and bulky vehicle.

Third, with the tools already sitting comfortably in the trunk, it’s time to prepare your personal things. Aside from bringing extra clothes and your vanity kit with you, don’t forget to pack candles, ropes, cigarette lighter, cell phone, compass, first aid kit, flares, food, and flashlight with you. You don’t want to get stranded on the road with nothing in your bag to keep you nourished and safe, right? It’s better safe (and full) than sorry.

Fourth, bring extras with you. Extra ropes, extra clothes, extra tools, and extra 4x4 auto parts. But not too many extras. Try to remember the things you needed or the parts that broke on your last trip. Chances are you would need them again or they would break again.

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Get your buddies to join you in your trip. Nothing’s more exciting than having people to share with your adventure.

With your reliable 4x4 coupled with these five off-road traveling tips, you are off to an unforgettable escapade. Bon Voyage!