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Your car is composed of various and numerous systems, parts and components. These are all designed to work together so that the car or any kind of engine-powered vehicle would run efficiently. One of the integral parts of a vehicle’s over-all component is the exhaust system. It plays a significant role in the efficiency and overall performance of a vehicle but often is neglected.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system has several uses. Foremost is the fact that it carries away the dangerous exhaust fumes from the engine. It is also important in ensuring that the vehicle consumes good fuel. It also plays a crucial role in making the vehicle run smoothly for satisfactory driving. Your vehicle, whether truck, car, van, SUV or jeep would benefit well if you have a “healthy” exhaust system.

A complete exhaust system is composed of several different components with distinctly significant functions.

Main parts of the Exhaust Systems:

1. Muffler
2. Manifold
3. Exhaust pipes
4. Catalytic converter

Once you have a healthy kind of exhaust system “channels”, your car is protected slightly from the harmful gases and fumes leftover from the fuel combustion and air mix while the engine is running. Your car engine is protected from harmful fumes made up of carbon monoxide, unburned hydrocarbons, lead, and sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Now that you know how important the function of an exhaust system is and its essential task in maintaining the vehicle engine’s good running condition, you must make it a point to check regularly if your exhaust system has damages or corrosions that cause an adverse effect on the overall proper functioning of your engines.